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Electrolysis is the first process in the application of electrical epilation. Here, galvanic current (DC) is released to destroy the hair follicle by a chemical reaction in the skin.

Depilation is rarely used and only at sensitive spots because it is extremely time-consuming.


The fastest method in electrology is Thermolysis. With this method, the hair root is destroyed by heat using high-frequency alternating current. Thereby the surrounding hair follicle will also be destroyed.

Thermolysis is used for people with sensitive skin or if they donĀ“t want the Blend Method.

The Blend Method

The Blend Method is a combination of direct current (DC) and high frequency alternating current to attain a comprehensive destruction of the entire follicle.

The function of the alternating current is to accelerate the chemical destruction. This method has proved itself to be the most effective procedure.

The most suitable method for you will be determined in a personal consultation.



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