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Electrical Epilation

also called needle epilation, is the oldest method of permanent hair removal. This method was invented by Charles E. Michels in 1875. It is still the most effective technique to permanently remove unwanted hair, regardless of hair color, thickness of hair or skin type. Needle epilation can be applied to all body areas.

For this procedure a wafer-thin probe out of surgical steel, that is barely noticeable, is inserted into the hair canal along the direction of hair growth. Subsequently, a short current pulse is released. The current pulse is sensed as heat or slight tingling, similar to plucking, depending on the individual sensibility. Due to the current pulse the hair root is destroyed permanently.


Both the duration and rhythm of treatment depend individually on hair thickness and total area of the body area to be treated. Based on these features, conditions, costs of treatment are calculated.

Electrical Epilation includes three different methods:

  • Electrolysis
  • Thermolysis
  • Blend Method

In a free of charge, non-obligatory consultation I will inform you about the different methods in detail.

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Electrolysis is the first process in the application of electrical epilation. Here, galvanic current (DC) is released to destroy the hair follicle by a chemical reaction in the skin.

Depilation is rarely used and only at sensitive spots because it is extremely time-consuming.


The fastest method in electrology is Thermolysis. With this method, the hair root is destroyed by heat using high-frequency alternating current. Thereby the surrounding hair follicle will also be destroyed.

Thermolysis is used for people with sensitive skin or if they don´t want the Blend Method.

The Blend Method

The Blend Method is a combination of direct current (DC) and high frequency alternating current to attain a comprehensive destruction of the entire follicle.

The function of the alternating current is to accelerate the chemical destruction. This method has proved itself to be the most effective procedure.

The most suitable method for you will be determined in a personal consultation.

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What does a consultation include?

Together we will perform an anamnesis which is important for the treatment, so that all possible particularities of your health are observed. That way I will choose the method of electrical epilation that suits you best.

You will be informed about all the advantages and disadvantages of electrical epilation. I advise you what you should pay attention to before, during and after the treatment. In addition you will receive an information sheet.

The duration of treatment and costs will be calculated and communicated to you. Costs for treatments (except for transsexuals and those diagnosed with hirsutism) are not covered by health insurance.


You are welcome to learn more about electrical epilation during a sample treatment and experience how your skin reacts to the treatment.

Of course I will answer all your questions.
You are warmly welcome to make an appointment for a consultation.

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I am looking forward to meeting you in my practice.
Sila Sunar

About me
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      Your Electrologist

  • Sila Sunar, born in 1987 in Berlin
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Qualified beautician
  • Advanced Electrolysis Training
  • trained by Türkan Bali

Due to my work experience, professional skills and extensive expertise as a qualified beautician and electrologist, I attach great importance to a thorough and precise work style as well as transparency.

How did I make my choice of career?

We live in a creative and multifaceted cosmopolitan city in which people with different backgrounds, different cultures and traditions meet.

The sense of multiculturalism and multi-sexuality creates a diversity which is valued in Berlin with great acceptance and openness.

The profession as an electrologist also requires openness and interest in individual aesthetics. Together we will pursue our ideals.

As an electrologist I can support you in your aesthetic ideals and permanently remove unwanted hair regardless of hair color, thickness of hair and skin type.

I'm glad to welcome you to my practice.

Membership DVEE German Assoc. for Electrical Epilation

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