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Electrical Epilation

also called needle epilation, is the oldest method of permanent hair removal. This method was invented by Charles E. Michels in 1875. It is still the most effective technique to permanently remove unwanted hair, regardless of hair color, thickness of hair or skin type. Needle epilation can be applied to all body areas.

For this procedure a wafer-thin probe out of surgical steel, that is barely noticeable, is inserted into the hair canal along the direction of hair growth. Subsequently, a short current pulse is released. The current pulse is sensed as heat or slight tingling, similar to plucking, depending on the individual sensibility. Due to the current pulse the hair root is destroyed permanently.

Both the duration and rhythm of treatment depend individually on hair thickness and total area of the body area to be treated. Based on these features, conditions, costs of treatment are calculated.

Electrical Epilation includes three different methods:

  • Electrolysis
  • Thermolysis
  • Blend Method

In a free of charge, non-obligatory consultation I will inform you about the different methods in detail.



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