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What does a consultation include?

Together we will perform an anamnesis which is important for the treatment, so that all possible particularities of your health are observed. That way I will choose the method of electrical epilation that suits you best.

You will be informed about all the advantages and disadvantages of electrical epilation. I advise you what you should pay attention to before, during and after the treatment. In addition you will receive an information sheet.

The duration of treatment and costs will be calculated and communicated to you. Costs for treatments (except for transsexuals and those diagnosed with hirsutism) are not covered by health insurance.

You are welcome to learn more about electrical epilation during a sample treatment and experience how your skin reacts to the treatment.

Of course I will answer all your questions.
You are warmly welcome to make an appointment for a consultation.

Just click on the following address to contact me:

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I am looking forward to meeting you in my practice.
Sila Sunar



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